Chopped Liver – What a Beautiful Day

What a beautiful day – hey – hey – It’s a beautiful day! Ah, I tell you, when the sun comes out, the sky is clear blue, Spring is in the air – it’s a great Leveller.

It was a nice normal weekend too – albeit that my head was upside down, I was still knackered afetr my exertions the week before and I felt positively peely wally.

Peely wally, by the way, is one of Glasgow’s great expressions. It means how it sounds. Other great Glesga words that mean how they sound and simply cannot be explained include, Dreech – when the weather is not quite as it is now, or Gallus – you’d really have to look that one up, used every day in Glesga but nobody could explain it to you. I think the greatest language NEVER invented is undoubtedly a combination of Parliamo Glesga and Yiddish.

And judging by the number of Ashkenazi Jews that came over to Glasgow, it’s a wonder it never was invented.

Indeed, maybe it was.

There was an odd moment on Sat night – we went to our friends and neighbours in the upper part of town – and they suggested we play a game called Rummikubs. Rummikubs is something my parents say they play often but I never have. So we played it – except that B and I didn’t have a clue what we were doing and they were like, very good. And then Michael announced (well he was actually playing with a ten year old so maybe the inspiration came from the kid) anyway they announced that they had a 16 letter word! Now I didnt even know 16-letter words existed!

Except, of course, Transplantations. Hang on a mo… oh they wouldn’t.. they really wouldn’t… would they?

They did. Of all nights, they find transplantations and were happier to have bagged 16 points than they were guilty and ashamed  and thoughtless and tactless and – hang on a mo – there must must must be a Glesga word for this – ah there is! Got it! It’s Chutzpah! (spoken, of course with the broadest of Glasgow accents)! 

Today I need to start working again. It’s hard. But I need to get back into it. For all reasons. So, for the time being, I am, once again – David Kallin, The Best of Barnet, raising awareness for business in North West London – here, have a little clicklet of my website.

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