Chopped Liver – You’re Not Alone Anymore

In the days of pre-Blog, pre-Twitter, pre-Facebook, pre-Glasnost, I would, without any doubt at all, limit knowledge of my “situation” to close friends and family only – I was, as I believe I stated in Post 1, a private person. But that is changing by the day.

I tweet all day. My personal secretary (B) manages my Facebook, and of course I blog. There is now not much that people I dont even know, dont even know about me!

I’m comfortable with that. Especially as the past couple of days have shown. Beautiful heartfelt comments from Jason’s nearest and dearest, more people reading my blog than ever before, more Facebook and Twitter followers and RT’s. Offers of collaborating with the British Liver Trust, and following a request from a keen donator (funds , not liver, I hasten to add) setting up my own charity Chopped-Liver where the government add over 10% to the donation.

People are even finding innovative ways to help me or the charity – like my good friend Steve (he is a good friend – at least on 364 days of the year (except leap years)). Steve is a horse racing fanatic – “eachway” if you want to follow him – but be careful of the fences – and he staked an eachway bet on Denman in the Gold Cup donating any proceeds to Comic Relief and my Chopped-Liver charity – what a grand gesture! (Ok, it may not be a grand, but the horse romped home in 2nd place – and the jockey immediately dismounted and offered me the nag’s head… sorry the nag’s liver. I, of course, accepted – only to be told they’d run out of onions. So they said, “you can have his kidney instead”. “What? Your kiddin’ me” I exclaimed. “I am so hungry I could eat a horse … but I need da liver”. “Nay chance sir, we dont deliver”.

There is a common side effect that liver disease inhibits the flow of oxygen to the brain – leading to bouts of confusion. It’s called Hepatic Encephalopathy – try saying that after a skinful – actually, in my condition probably best not – either try saying it, or have a skinful. Anyway, I shall put down (oops, didn’t mean that final horse analogy), the contents of the previous paragraph – and some would say, most of this one too, to a bout of… hang on… what was it called again?

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4 Comments on “Chopped Liver – You’re Not Alone Anymore”

  1. Steve Says:

    Of course, I meant to say I am giving to Sport Relief and your Chopped liver charity. Not Comic Relief. Anyway at least we got a return and even made a small profit. Glad to make a contribution that doesn’t involve losing body parts.

  2. Anita G Says:

    I’m enjoying the blog (I always told “B” that chopped liver was a good thing…) and I love the way you incorporate song titles into it. Here are some which I hope you will be able to make use of as the blog progresses (specially incorporating some of your – and my – favourite artists):

    Perfect fit
    I feel fine
    Things have changed
    Fitter Happier (was initially going to use My iron liver by the same group but then realised I had the wrong organ…)

    and, with sincere apologies:

    Easy liver

    • davidkallin Says:

      Thanks for your interest Anita – I’m not sure chicken livers are quite the right size for me – chicken brains perhaps.

      Oh and thanks ever so much for publicly posting your suggestion of song titles – that’s a nice bundle I’ll have to remove from my list – for fear of a royalty claim!

      Tho’ I wouldn’t mind going halves on My Iron Liver!

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