Chopped Liver – Stand and De-liver

Busy day today. Too busy probably. Had to go to all morning BNI (Business Networking) training in the morning to hear for the umpteenth time about how to be a good Visitor Host – although in my current state I am probably not the ideal person to be the first to greet a visitor as they enter the room.

“Wow” they’ll think, “I hope they are not all this yellow and tired looking! Hmmm, maybe I should go to the Rotary Club instead – more lively there”.

So, after sleeping through the latest V Host training (sorry Dinah, I really am a big fan of yours, but needs must an’ all that) I sneaked off to my next appointment. This was lunch with Abraham.

Abraham used to run thebestofHackney – which is a bit like thebestofBarnet, except it’s in Hackney – but now he does scaffolding.

I guess he has gone up in the world.

Actually I am sure he could do you a fine line in scaffolding if that is your need – he has just finished working on the Trocadero in Central London – maybe he should go for the London Eye next – no second thoughts forget that – you cant have rotating scaffolding.

So there we were in a nice Kosher restaurant in Hendon (duh!) where Abe has I dunno some dish that would not have looked out of place in New York and a Coke. He wanted a coffee but that was way beyond the bounds of possibilities. “Would you like it with Milk, hot milk, powdered milk, brown sugar, white sugar, green sugar, sucrose, fructose, gluctose, ten toes, instant coffee, real coffee???????????” I kid you not – a stunned Abraham looked aghast and swiftly ordered a full fat Coca Cola with tons of sugar, no milk and plenty of fizz). I wasn’t hungry – just as well!

But they do do the best Cheesecake this side of John’s. (John, by the way, is B’s husband. No, not me – the other B – keep up). Now, I know that they do the best cheesecake ‘cos I have had it before – with Abraham in fact. And we both agreed it was the best (although, I have to say, he hasn’t tried John’s).

But this did give me an opportunity to explain my favourite economic theory to Abraham – the theory of Marginal Utility. I would like to explain it to you too but I think I am going to have to hold this off until tomorrow on account of the fact that:-

  • a) I am very tired
    b) I want to do it justice
    d) What happened to c)?
    c) Ah, there it is
    e) Whenever I get to a certain point in these posts, the editor starts mis-behaving and it’s doing my head in – my blog is telling me enough already – the world can wait till tomorrow for The Theory of Marginal Utility (Cheesecake Version).
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    5 Comments on “Chopped Liver – Stand and De-liver”

    1. B - the other one Says:

      So, we have been usurped on the cheesecake have we??
      I hope there is nowhere where my brownies can be beaten, otherwise it’s frozen cakes for you from now on!
      B (the other one), J & K

    2. eachway Says:

      I eagerly await the theory of marginal utility. You can’t fool us though. The only reason you left it off is to get us reading tomorrow. Leave ’em wanting more…

      • davidkallin Says:

        You are just so gonna love it! Especially the Cheesecake version – which I don’t think was included in the original Economic Theory as espoused by Adam Smith. Now, if only the greatest theories of our time had a cheesecake version, then I am sure we’d understand a lot more about the world.

    3. David Marks Says:

      Which BNI are you in? And, how are you?

      • davidkallin Says:

        I’m fine thank you David – well unless you count what you have probably read – in which case I’m probably not fine – but what the hell. I am in BNI Alpha chapter – its a lunchtime one that meets in Mill Hill Golf Club – I’ve had a look at your BNI website – very informative it is too. I now Robert Tiffin from your group – mention thebestofbarnet – he’ll know. Anyway – hope you continue to enjoy reading – feel free to pass the word – and thanks again for your comment.

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