Chopped Liver – I’m Still Waiting

If there was a song (and hey, maybe there is and I just haven’t heard of it) called “The Theory of Marginal Utility (Cheesecake Version)” then that is what this post would have been called.

Instead it’s called I’m Still Waiting. There are many people still waiting.

I’m still waiting for “that” phone call. And, as its 23:21 as I write this, people are STILL waiting for the explanation of The Theory of Marginal Utility (Cheesecake Version).

But the thing is y’see, I have always tried to post a blog entry every day – and I am not going to be beaten today. However, as you know, Tuesday is a busy day for me – today I have attended a meeting of 25 people, interviewed 9 people and played Bridge with 16 – and I am Cream Crackered – and I couldn’t possibly do justice to The Theory of Marginal Utility (Cheesecake Version) in the short time I have left of this day, so, to be true to myself, I am going to have to leave you all waiting until tomorrow (“that” phone call pending).

Time for zeds.

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One Comment on “Chopped Liver – I’m Still Waiting”

  1. Laurel Says:

    Maybe that explains your bridge last night! Only joking

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