Chopped Liver – What’s the Utility Theory, Kenneth?

The Theory of Marginal Utility (Cheesecake Version)

Ok Ok – hawd yur wheesht! I haven’t forgotten.

Oh, by the way, that’s another little Glasgow expression I snuck in there. It’s a cracker and, as with many Glasgow expressions, it means pretty much how it sounds – which is – SHUT UP!

I’ll explain The Theory of Marginal Utility (Cheesecake Version) for you now – but I have to warn you – a) I had a rough night – bit peely weely (see earlier post) and b) after all this build-up it’s possible, y’know, that all this, when finally explained, may end up being just a tad anti-climactic.

Still, you’ve waited this long and you may want to impress your friends with it – so here it comes.

Oh, and by the way – there are two variations of the theme – I’ll explain both.

The Theory of Marginal Utility (Cheesecake Version) states that … let’s assume you are very hungry and that you like cheesecake. Let’s assume that you are in a cafe that only does desserts (and coffee – though the coffee may be difficult to order).

So you are hungry and gasping for a piece of cheesecake – so you order a piece of cheesecake. And it is wonderful! Hits the spot! Actually, truth be told – that first mouthful was just about the most satisfying mouthful of cheesecake you can ever ever remember having EVER! The second mouthful merely serves to confirm just how damn fine this slice of cheescake actually is. The 3rd mouthful allowed you to exclaim to your friend at the table that this is a damn fine cheesecake. So you finish the slice – pretty sharpish – and lick your lips and triumphantly announce “I WANT ANOTHER ONE!”

So you order another slice. And it’s good too. Well you’d expect it to be as it’s from the same cake. But, y’know, you are not as hungry as you were prior to that momentous first mouthful. And, y’know, you are now somewhat accustomed to the taste of the cheesecake now. There is no element of surprise. There is no WOW! factor.

But you struggle through – feeling ever so slightly nauseous as you inch towards the last ever-decreasing sized mouthful. So that when you asked if you would like a third slice – you are positively turned off by the very thought – and in fact – if you ever see another slice of cheesecake in your life again you will …. you get the point.

That is one version of The Theory of Marginal Utility (Cheesecake Version). Did you like it? Did it work for you? Was it worth waiting for? Would you like a second version? Or are you satisfied with just the one and a second one would tip you over the edge…. (that was not the second theory by the way – that was a FREE BONUS one – just ‘cos I am so generous).

Now, what has happened is that the Blog editor has started going funny again – maybe I have reached the threshold for optimum number of words per blog post – so it leaves me no alternative but to re-visit The Theory of Marginal Utility (Cheesecake Version) Part 2 – tomorrow!

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2 Comments on “Chopped Liver – What’s the Utility Theory, Kenneth?”

  1. Sawbofeller Says:

    Just read all of your posts, laughed and cried at length. Have tweeted you with message. Speaking from experience, keeping a positive outlook is the most important thing. The staff at the RFH are fantastic, you are in good hands. Keep posting.


    • davidkallin Says:

      Thanks very much Sawbo – so glad you are enjoying the blog – I will indeed take up your offer and contact you shortly. Hope you are well (and if not, make sure you lie when we speak!)

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