Chopped Liver – You Can’t Hurry Livers

… no, you just have to wait.

Livers don’t come easy.

It’s a game of Give and Take.

Not that the Givers know too much about it.

I phoned the Liver Transplant Co-ordinators yesterday and requested a chat and a blood test. It’s been a couple of weeks now since I had a blood test and I am so missing those needles.

Now, from a purely completist point of view, I have to write about how I am feeling each day – and yesterday, as with most days – I feel rubbish when I wake up, get better during the day, and then at some point in the day – it’s like a cloud descends over me and I feel rubbish again.

It’s probably my blood sugar levels get low and what little nourishment is able to get into my liver at the best of times is reduced to an even lower – that’s my guess – but I did want a blood test just to make sure there was nothing more sinister going on.

I had a chat as well – they do a good job, the co-ordinators – but whilst we are on the waiting list, there’s only so much they can say. And they have to answer the question everyone asks but there can be no sensible answer to – “How long is it likely to take till I get chosen?” It’s an absurd question. It is dependant on factors that are beyond anyone’s control. But it’s only natural that we ask. If we dont ask – then we definitely won’t know.

So I asked.

They didn’t know.

Anyway, I have arranged a meeting for next week with the dietician and the social worker – I expect she’ll say “eat regular small amounts of healthy food”. But I don’t know what the dietician will say!

Mo and Po (Monpo) are coming down on Sunday for a few days. Usually I can get away with avoiding their questions, but such is the world of global communication, my 84 year old Po is able to keep a daily track of my “progress”. Watch this space.

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