Chopped Liver – Long-toothed Lodgers from Liverpool

That’s a cruel title. It’s cheap. And it’s not particularly clever. But c’mon – you’ve all been thinking – Oh I’ve got a great title for you – especially those of you who know that my parents live in Liverpool – such an obvious choice – with the connotations of Liver, a Pool of Livers, Long-Haired Livers – ah so obvious… so obvious in fact that I’m going to resist it – I dont need cheap shots.

I am just so going to resist it.

I couldn’t resist it.

So I pick them up from Euston Station in London – and start driving them home – now get this, we have driven a mere half a mile, it’s a Sunday afternoon, and we are in Camden High Street. If you dont know what that means, let me just say that Camden Market on a Sunday afternoon is the biggest street market in Europe. So who should I almost run over, but Pheebox and Howbox – that’s Monpo’s Granddaughter and her boyfriend.

Chances of that have got to be Millions, billions, cazillions to 1. So we invited them back for tea and it worked out very well.

Anyway, now, it’s late – gotta post. Felt a bit better today by the way. It’s all psychosomatic, y’know.


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