Chopped Liver – I’m a Seder Drinker

Hmmm dilemna time.

It’s the Passover.

B, Weedy and I are due at Antiliz’s for first Seder night in half an hour. Big get together. 22 people. Lots of drinking and eating. Of course I dont drink. But I dont much feel like eating either.

I feel crap.

Bit shivvery. I’ve had a cold for a couple of days – it could just be that.

Obviously Weedy is very excited. B is keen too – I’d let them down – but I’m prepared to do that – maybe – but y’see I dont feel THAT BAD. If it was a normal evening, I simply would not go out – end of. But it’s not. And I dont just want to go there and be miserable – who wants that?

So, I’m going. And I’ll try and get away with just being quiet. If I feel worse I can come home – with or without the family. Who knows – once I’m out I might even perk up.

I’ll keep you posted (HA!)

(Groans from the back)

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