Chopped Liver – Just Another Day

OK, so last night was not much kop – I mean it was a lovely Seder – lots of food – but I was somewhere else, not physically of course, but I was not good value.

I am supposed to be building my energy for the big event. Supposed to be putting on as much weight as I can – but this Passover simply doesn’t lend itself to that exercise – quite the opposite. Unleavened bread has no substance, it’s like eating cardboard. Tomorrow I fully intend to cheat.

But today is another Seder night. This time at my bro’s – it’ll be a long night – I feel better physically, but emotionally I am a bit fed up. Monpo are staying with us – as you know Mo cant do anything for herself, and Po is simply not fit enough to be running around after her every whim – but she continues to ask/demand and he continues to jump – it’s all a bit, I dunno – we all get old and this is what happens I guess.

There’s other things that are niggling at me – but they’re not for this blog.

I need to go and ready and put on my Smiley face – see if I can remember where I put it! I usually have good banter with my bro – hopefully that’ll help things along tonight.

Gotta go.

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One Comment on “Chopped Liver – Just Another Day”

  1. Sawbofeller Says:

    See you got a mention in ‘Blogs of Barnet’ – – Otherwise known as chopped liver – This is the diary of David Kallin who is a Hendon resident awaiting a liver transplant. It is a compulsive read, if a bit harrowing and upsetting.

    Keep it going feller, I’m really enjoying it. H.

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