Chopped Liver – Fever

Actually it’s not fever. I have this horrendous chesty cough and streaming nose thing – usually I guess called a “cold”. But the trouble is, I couldn’t think of any song titles about the common cold – so I had to waste a good one on this, when it’s possible, that in the future I may even need that one – ah well, it’s gone now.

I suppose I could use a Fever Part 2 if need be – and leave the readers thinking – Oh, I never knew there was a Fever Part 2 – but I bow to Chopped Liver’s obviously superior knowledge of song titles.

So what brings? Well last night at my bro’s – I have to say he was , as in fine form as I was in poor form. And I wasn’t even in poor form due to my liver situ – but due to this chesty cold thing I may have told you about – in fact had I not had the cold, I may have been mildly amusing.

But I wasn’t.

But the food was good. Chicken and roasts cooked by Howbox and supervised by Pheebox. Dr. Hambox was there too in fine form – Weedy was pining for him all the way home. And Antijenny made the most amazing meringues – plain and chocolate – this side of Texas.

Now, for anyone who does not know me, you need to know a couple of things about. Firstly, my love for the Theory of Marginal Utility (Chessecake or any other version), and secondly, my love for the greatest joke in the world – official.

And talk of meringues has prompted all who do know me to fully expect me to lead into said joke right about – now. but as stated before, I don’t do cheap shots, I don’t do the expected. The best joke in the world (official) will appear when it is good and ready – and NOT without a bit of build up. It is simply not the kind of thing you want to toss out on a whim.

So, tomorrow, I will reveal, for those few who don’t know it already, the best joke in the world (official). (Phone calls pending, of course).

Meantime, get yourselves a Scottish dialect dictionary and have a little scan through – you may need it.

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2 Comments on “Chopped Liver – Fever”

  1. Snatty Says:

    I have just read from the very start all the way through and what a great snapshot of life and facing up to adversity it is.

    I particularly like the Theory of Marginal Utility (Chessecake or any other version), and have in the past had my own version based around chollah toasted. I got round the feeling of diminishing return by eating the first grill (four slices) so quickly that my brain did not have time to get the message from my stomach. That way I could eat the second grill with the same feeling up to about slice three.
    As regards Glasgow dictionary to my eternal shame I had to ask whilst reading Wee Tam what Embra meant and my favourite t-shirt of all time was a street sign with the word YIRBUMSOOTTHEWINDAE on it. A huge collective hug from all of us here

    The Bricket Wood Cookies

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