Chopped Liver – Friday I’m in Liver

“When you’re lost in the rain in Juarez, and it’s Eastertime too”

It is Eastertime, as well as Passover time – not too surprising as the Last Supper was actually a traditional Passover Seder night – but that line above is from one of my all-time fave Dylan songs, even though I have no idea where Juarez is or the significance of it being Eastertime.

I still have my cold. The cough is the deepest cough imaginable – but I have to get the phlegm up – before my head explodes – so far I have made it. My throat yesterday was none too clever – felt like I had swallowed a razor blade. I had reached the nadir. This morning I could feel I was over the worst of it, it’ll still take some time for the cough to go away but I am starting on the road to that particular recovery.

The relevance of all this to my impending liver transplant is not lost on me. There is no way, they would operate on someone with such a cough.

“Let’s see, if we put that bit there and that bit here, it should just about hold… ”

Uncontrollable coughing fit.

“Rats”! “Someone pick up that liver – I had it right on the spot but the patient went an… and now it’s… oh I see it, it’s under that drawer”.

So I have felt that for the last week or so and for the next few days, I dont think there will be a transplant. I may get the call, of course, but then I’ll be turned away – which is not too helpful all round – but it means two things 1) I can sleep easier knowing it’s not gonna happen and b) if the cough continues for another week or so then I may just have got over it by the time B returns from a family Bat Mitzvah in Israel – yikes…. why is she going? Well it may be her last opportunity for quite a while to get away so she’ll take the chance – and return toot suite should the need arise.

Have I got time for the best joke in the world ever?

You know I dont think I have.

Needs it’s own blog post if you ask me.

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2 Comments on “Chopped Liver – Friday I’m in Liver”

  1. Snatty Says:

    is the best joke

    “Bing sings?”

    • davidkallin Says:

      Ah now for those who don’t know – that would be the classic “what’s the difference between bing Crosby and Walt Disney? Bing sings but Walt Disnae!”

      it’s good – but it’s not right.

      Glad to see you got out yur Glesga dikchunry tho.

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