Chopped Liver – Chest Fever

Y’know I just cant believe it.

Maybe I should have called this Post “I Can’t Hardly Stand It” after the classic Cramps tune – but I settled on The Band instead.

I couldn’t use “Fever” of course as I used that one last week – about my really bad cough, sore throat etc – but the problem is , it’s simply no better.

Is my resistance that low? Is it more than just a bad cold? It’s still the long Easter holiday so the doc’s not open for business – guess I’ll have to give it another couple of days to see if I finally show signs of recovery.

It really is getting me down – I can hardly breathe without a cough.

And of course, it all means that I am sure I won’t be considered for a liver transplant with such a cough – so, whereas before, I was hoping for a quick call, now I am hoping for no call – as I would miss my turn.

It’s a good job I’d heard the funniest joke in the world already, otherwise I don’t know just how I would have coped having to laugh so much and cough so much – probably cause my oesophigal varicies to explode.

Gotta go now, all this typing too painful for my throat – gotta go swallow another razor blade.

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One Comment on “Chopped Liver – Chest Fever”

  1. Hi David

    Thought it was about time I spoke to you from here. Yesterday, I went to the RAF Museum with Marcel (my partner, who you met briefly at Dawn’s pharmacy) and a friend’s 5-yr old boy, Ben. You should have seen the frumers there…parking is free, as is entry, but that all changes on the 21st when they will be charging for the parking. We went on the simulator – I always did like the RAF Uniform best 🙂

    Hope to hear from you soon

    All the best


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