Chopped Liver – Now I Wanna… Blow Ma Nose

I still want to call this post “I Can’t Hardly Stand It” because, in truth, I am totally fed up with this incessant coughing, blocked nose, sore throat, wheezing and multi-coloured gunge-fest.

There is a debate (there probably isn’t) as to whether Kurt Cobain or Iggy Pop is the godfather of Grunge – I claim the title of the Godfather of Gunge – and I win.

I advise you also not to challenge me to prove it.

Iggy Pop, by the way, seems to inherit all sorts of titles long before they were even around – godfather of PUNK – he was never called a Punk in the sixties because there simply was no such genre. He (or, more accurately, his band, The Stooges) were rauccous, energetic, shambolic, shocking – all those adjectives later attributed to the Punk scene that exploded in mid 70’s England – but by that time Iggy was churning out the most tuneful and accessible music of his career under the direction of the godfather of Glam – David Bowie.

Iggy has been named the godfather of Grunge when Nirvana burst on the scene – but the similarities there are even less marked – Iggy is still alive and well after all – and now he is the undisputed godfather of car insurance commercials.

Now I wanna… blow ma nose!

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