Chopped Liver – 3 o’clock Nose Block

This is an update post.

I will update you on a) the best joke in the world – EVER debate, b) my visit to the doctor about my cough, nose, throat etc and c) my liver condition (good news on that front)

a) the best joke in the world EVER. I had a comment by Sawbo disputing my claim that the doughnut/meringue joke was not the best joke in the world EVER – in fact, in his opinion (and most certainly not mine) it was not EVEN the best Scottish joke in the world EVER. That title, according to Sawbo (there’s a new blog topic – The World According to Sawbo) belongs to this one:-

“There’s a field full of cows, which one has got seven days holiday? The one with the wee calf.”

And then B rattles her cage and says “No way, that’s not EVEN the best COW joke in the world EVER – that should be “How can you tell which cow has a degree? The one that is outstanding in its field!”.

I can reassure all doughnuts and meringues where you are – your title is safe.

b) report just in from the Gungemeister. I had a rough night with the cough and the wheezing and the gunge – especially the gunge – I was wretching at 3 o’clock in the morning.

So I made an appointment with the GP as soon as I woke. Got the appointment for just the right time to enable me to attend a business meeting – the first in a long time – at 11:30. The doc checked me out – it was inconclusive – the symptoms were all there but diagnosis was less clear cut – could be allergies (aah, Hay Fever – my first intuition) so I was prescribed loadsa stuff from anti-biotics (but dont take these unless you feel you really have to) anti-histamine, and two types of breath-inhalers – one with steroids for regular use and one to be taken ad hoc – like asthma sufferers. I am going to start the latter in an hour or so.

Oh, and I didn’t get seen at the GP for an hour and a half so I missed my meeting – black mark for Kallin.

c) no update on my liver transplant situation.

But wait – didn’t I say there was good news on that front?

I did – and, no news IS good news!

See? I can still play games.

Tomorrow I intend to tell you about B leaving me for a whole week – to look after myself and Weedy. Look, she is going to be in for a tough old time soon – she deserves to get away if she can – I don’t mind… I think.
Anyway, I have told Weedy he is going to have to look after me.

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