Chopped Liver – She’s Gone

It was some months ago when B was invited to her cousin’s daughter’s Bat Mitzvah in Israel and we agreed that if any of the family went it could only be B – mainly cos Weedy would be at school – and also – it’s a lot of money – which we dont have right now.

I think this further excited B – the idea that for a week, she could travel alone, see her friends and family as and when she wants – without some whingeing, moody, childish little brat demanding his own needs – oh, and Weedy would have needed taking care of too!

But then all this Liver stuff happened (not to mention my cough and gungefest) and a reappraisal was called for. In fairness, without my knowledge, B told her family and friends in Israel that she will be cancelling the trip – it was only later when I said – look, this may be the last chance for quite some time that you will get away at all, so good luck to you – go and have a good time. Y’see if I am on the waiting list for months, then operation time, then post op recovery time, it will be many many months before she could leave me again.

So this morning Weedy and I took B to the airport – and we were all a bit sad. I’m sure it’ll be ok. I hope she has a great time and can forget about domestic troubles for a few days at least. And Weedy will look after me.

Of course if the call comes, I will simply drop Weedy off with people who are on standby, pop down to the second liver shop, have my op and when I come out of it and am recovering in ITU, B will have returned toot suite, to be there for me. That’s the plan.

Now, where’s my wallet, and glasses….. and



Oh, where is she when I need her!

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2 Comments on “Chopped Liver – She’s Gone”

  1. B Says:

    remember that I can still spy on you from the departure lounge! B.

  2. aviva Says:

    Bet she wouldnt have let YOU go. snigger snigger

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