Chopped Liver – Where are You Tonight?

Ah, a great song title that one – but which one, I hear you ask?

I know of two absolute classics with that title – the Dylan one from Street Legal that has a subtitle (or is it the main title?) of Journey Through Dark Heat – (wow, that sounds like some journey – Dark Heat, eh? What does that feel like – I want some!) and the other is simply one of the most beautiful songs ever by one of the most beautiful voices – that is the Cowboy Junkies tune from the Caution Horses album – (2 sublime albums followed by a “career” of mediocrity – is that good? or not? – there aren’t that many that can lay claim to two sublime albums – so I’ll stick with that).

I took Weedy into London today, two activities:- the first at the Barbican where we went to an exhibition of amplified Gibson Les Paul guitars lying face up to receive a number of Finches. As they chirped and pecked and moved their feet on the strings, so the clang was amplified around the room – it was great experience – Weedy loved it.

Then we went on a bit to Old Street, to the Geffrye (correct spelling) museum. This is a museum about life throughout the ages in England with lots of activities for children and was founded by Sir Robert Geffery (correct spelling).

A bit intriguing is it not that the founder’s name (his inscribed gravestone is on the grounds of the museum) is spelt differently to the name of t… oh alright , it’s boring, let’s move on.

We met Pheebox, who works there and Weedy was very excited about all that and we had lunch… eh, kind of… and we went to the wrong place to start the pottery painting activity – which meant we had to go out in the glorious sunshine and do the fact-finding nature trail in the herb gardens – that was lovely. A great place.

But – whammo – I got TIRED. Like, I just had to quit. But Weedy was having so much fun – how could I say – well, I had to. And he was just so good – I knew he would look after me – he passed his first test with flying colours.

And my throat is STILL very sore. My cough is a lot less , mainly on account of the fact that it is too painful to cough. The gungefest has also subsided to some degree – although I should report that there is still a fair amount of – oh hang on… phone ringing… better go…

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3 Comments on “Chopped Liver – Where are You Tonight?”

  1. Fiona Frank Says:

    those museums sound fabulous. What a great dad! and what a great son too….
    love to Feeb.

  2. aviva Says:

    im actually interested in y the museum named after whatsisname is spelled differently to his actual name! omg does that make me mega sad?!?!?

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