Chopped Liver – Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

This isn’t necessarily my pet subject – but boy, is it B’s – and I am so glad she is out the country right now otherwise you would feel the earth tremour in whichever part of the world you are reading this.

I went for lunch on the pavement at my regular cafe down the road. They only have room for 2 or 3 tables at most but it’s nice to have a bite and watch people go by – some of whom I know anyway.

So I ordered my Cheese salad Ciabatta and place myself at the only 2-seat table available.

I had a newspaper that was spread out across the table – so when this woman (prob in her 60’s) sat down at my table opposite me – I felt obliged to wrap up my newspaper and re-position it on my knee – fair enough.

Care for a cigarette, monsieur?

But, as I take my next bite out of my sandwich, she pulls out a pack of fags (cigarettes for the Americans in the audience) and places one in her mouth – at which point I hurriedly gather up my lunch and newspaper and, huffing and puffing, make my way out of the glorious sunshine and into the gloomy indoors to finish.

“I’m not disturbing you, am I?” she asked. “I can’t believe you’d smoke while I am eating” I replied.

The owners asked me if everything was alright – I explained the situation – they are oldskool y’understand, and have to cater for all their customers’ needs. So, when they said, “Aw Dave, you could’ve taken another table from those stacked up in the corner there”. I simply stated, “I already had a table, thank you”. “Ah, yes – that’s true”

There is a massive debate about whether smokers should be further discriminated against by not allowing them to smoke indoors in a restaurant – but what about immediately outside – I mean on a sunny day, why should the smokers be the ones who can enjoy the sunshine and the rest (the majority??) have to breathe polluted air if they want to do the same.

But to actually share a table with someone who is eating their lunch and pull out a fag – I was genuinely shocked. Ten years ago, it would have been commonplace – but times move on apace and it is now simply not the done thing.

The fact that I (STILL!!!) have the wheeziest, deepest cough known to mankind and a diseased liver (not to mention the thousand and one other ailments I have) shouldn’t even come into it – it simply should not happen.

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2 Comments on “Chopped Liver – Smoke Gets In Your Eyes”

  1. With all your problems why do I feel sorry for the smoker – maybe unlike us she actually pays the rich compnies to die early

  2. aviva Says:

    How funny – B and I were discussing this topic with your parents in law over lunch today!

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