Chopped Liver – Sittin’ On The Fence on the Day

Who to vote for at the upcoming Gen Election? This time seems harder than usual for many. We seem to have lost trust, faith & respect in politicians of all the main parties – that’s if we had any in the first place. I never figured politicians to be too honourable a breed in the first place – they have to tow the party line whether they believed in a cause or not, otherwise they are out of a job – and out of a career.

So, which bunch of phoney crooks do you vote for this year? If you’re a stalwart lefty sorry, Labour voter – as they are no more left than half the Tories – then you will continue to do so – and if you normally vote Tory – you will probably vote Tory.

But what other choices are there? Well there is always the obligatory fence-sitting party – that yellowy one (hey that’s my colour!) whatever they are called these days. They only get a vote because people are fed up voting for the big two – and they are the big-ish third – so they get voted for by default. And they will repeal the voting system to proportional representation should they get in.

Imagine if they did get in (I know there’s little chance) – would they have a clue what to do? They’d run around like headless chickens thinking – OMG this wasn’t supposed to happen. So, they are classed in the same mould as the big two, but without the means to follow through – the worst of all options if you ask me.

Voting for them would also increase the chance of a hung parliament – not a good idea at all – if you want a fairly stable country run by a party with a mandate – and not a good idea if you want to keep down the fundamentalists of this world.

But what if you wanted to break the mould – vote for a party that wasn’t tainted by recent scandal but has known alternative policies and a mandate to carry them out – I’m thinking far right here – and that would be a worrying outcome for many of us in this multi-coloured, multi-cultural England.

For me, this is not a viable outcome – we should NOT assume it won’t happen – history has a habit of repeating itself. So make sure it does not happen. And the ONLY way to do PREVENT it – is to make sure YOU VOTE – and make sure you vote for one of the big two – sheisters they may be – but the alternative is far, far worse.

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One Comment on “Chopped Liver – Sittin’ On The Fence on the Day”

  1. There I was thinking – gosh we have a lot choice Only to learn otherwise. What I do not understand is why can’t our clever journalist explain as cleary as you. Could be that they are just as… What did you say?

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