Chopped Liver – The Return of the Giant Hogweed

Oh the joys of knowing the titles of 70’s Prog Rock mumbo jumbo.

Anyway, B is back to day. Flight arrival an hour delayed so, according to the website – hope it’s right…

Of much greater importance/significance is – it’s the North London derby on the box tonight – need to figure out a way of wangling that into the schedule – could involve me running a nice cosy bubble bath and suggesting B has a slow, long soak to unwind after such a tiring day. Dear.

Mind you, after last night’s telephone conversation, I may be skating on thinner ground.

Update on the gungefest – marked improvement today. Wheezing and gunge still present and correct, but in more manageable quantities.

I leave you with this little gem from The World According to Sawbofeller… (who has started his own blog – about local cricket umpiring –

‘ I have CDO. It’s like OCD but the letters are arranged alphabetically, like they should be. ‘

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