Chopped Liver – Mellow Yellow

It’s what I thought y’know. Being in Marketing it is my job to help businesses project themselves in their specialist markets. But in order to do that, I have to be able to project myself also in a positive light – which I have usually felt able to do.

But I was conscious when all this liver stuff came to a head, that I was not able to project myself in the best way – especially to new potential clients – simply because I felt I looked yellow.

I tried not to look into people’s eyes, which I normally would do, because I did not want them seeing my yellowy eyes, and I was conscious that my skin may look off colour too.

Let me say, that, in the main, I didn’t feel that I couldn’t do my job – but half the battle (3 quarters?) is perception. If a prospect perceives an element of negativity, they will sub-consciously feed off that perception and ultimately make decisions based on it. A couple of people have said to me lately, after I had revealed that I need a new liver that they thought I had looked a bit yellow when they met me. But equally, people are saying to me that they can’t believe I need such an operation because I look so darn well.

The truth does not matter. Perception is KING.

I wasn’t really sure why I had felt the need to step back lately from working too hard – but the realisation has now hit home – and I understand it. And, you know, I have felt pretty good the last couple of weeks, save for my absurd coughing and gungefest – which I am now going to start taking antibiotics for – ‘cos I want to feel as healthy as possible for a change.

But now that I understand it all more clearly I am going to face it head on – and just get down to business in a positive light (or perhaps in semi-darkness!).

By the way – my good friend and all round marketing guru, and a man who simply exudes positivity – Kesh is running 10k this weekend for a charity BAPS that helps the needy of the world – so click here if you want to know about that.

I feel like a new man – and I haven’t even got my new liver yet.

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One Comment on “Chopped Liver – Mellow Yellow”

  1. Reading your article makes me feel like new man and hope to feel like this after the 10k challenge

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