Chopped Liver – My Friend The Sun

One of the joys of living in UK is the weather. I mean it’s usually disappointing to say the least – but when the sun comes out, the sky is blue blue blue and the wind has been whisked off to Northern Europe to try and disperse a volcanic ash-cloud, there is nowhere I’d rather be.

And what a joy it has been to spend it with my boy. Tonight his face is positively glowing. He seems to have a permanent smile across it – and he is asleep!

And what a great weekend he has had – and still he cried out for more.

We went out for dinner on Friday with friends. He was up and running around with their kids until one o’clock in the morning! And still the bugger wakes up at 7 am and comes jumping onto our bed asking us to entertain him.

Which we duly did, of course (well, after a couple of hours of ignoring him) – we took him to the most wonderful model village – which he absolutely loved and insisted we go round it not once, not twice, not three times, not fo… you know the Theory of Marginal Utility (Cheesecake Version)? Well, this was the Theory of Marginal Utility (Model Village Version). It’s based on exactly the same premise – see earlier posts for explanation. But oh the sheer joy on that little boy’s face – heartwarming!

And today – the glorious sun was out again – so we headed off to a couple of parks for lovely walks, met Pheebox, played games of hide and seek, tea breaks, ice cream – ahh, just quite simply a lovely family day.

Our thoughts at times still with the thousands who are stranded around the world in places they’d rather not be – and gratitude that it’s not me!

And still my gungefest, wheezy cough, and throat issues persist! I’m into day 2 of the antibiotics now and am hopeful that it’s going to work – because I have had enough of it now. I even had to curtail a telephone conversation earlier to go and wretch up the muccous from the back of my throat – and that was not as pleasant a sight as the beaming smile across my Weedy’s face earlier in the day.

Roll on the summer – make it a goodun’ please.

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