Chopped Liver – Local Hero

It’s tough you know. Well, I say tough – it could be tougher – I guess it will be tougher immediately after my liver transplant – but hey, let’s not be pedantic.

I’ll tell you why it’s tough. It’s tough because I have to remain within an hour or so of the hospital so that when the call comes, I am actually able to get to meet my new liver in time and start bonding.

But this is the issue. My parents have both had recent operations and are currently in different hospitals over 4 hours away from me. One of my parents had a planned knee operation, the other an unscheduled leg operation. They are both elderly – but they are just too far away – my brother and his wife have been up and been a great help – I would have to come off the list if I were to go up – but I just… I just can’t – not right now.

I am missing out on a business event on Friday – a massive event – I should be there – but it’s just over two hours away – and I cant take the chance – a bit of delay on the motorway and I would be panicking – anyway, not the ideal frame of mind to be driving long distance. No, when the call comes, I need to prepare myself – mentally.

A while ago, B won a weekend away in a competition – again just over two hours away – no chance.

We can’t book any holidays for the summer – Weedy probably thinks he’s going to Scotland again – he loves Scotland – but he won’t be going – not this year.

But hey, I shouldn’t grumble. There are thousands of people still stranded all over the world not knowing when they are going to get home – due to a distant volcano nobody can even pronounce.

So, we will continue to explore the area within an hour or so of where we live – and we will discover some gems and we will have fun.

Look, I know I’m no hero – but LOCAL I certainly am.

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One Comment on “Chopped Liver – Local Hero”

  1. aviva Says:

    Oh dont feel bad. B already promised shed take me so you wouldnt have gone anyway 🙂

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