Chopped Liver – There are More Questions Than Answers

I’m seeing Smiler tomorrow for the first time since I was put on the Liver Transplant list. I’ve got a few questions for him.

Like this never-ending gungefest/wheezy cough (Dylan started a world-wide tour called The Never Ending Tour in 1987 – needless to say, it’s still going – but I feel as though my cough etc has been going even longer) – I want to ask him if this will prohibit any possible liver transplant should a match be found in the near future. I think it probably would, but I would like to hear it from him.

I want to get an idea also of whether I have to remain an inmate of London or can I be a bit bolder and do things like attend the big bash on Friday, or visit my folks (ok, that’s too far I know it – actually I might not ask this at all ‘cos even if he said I could have 3 hours grace instead of 2 I still wouldn’t risk it).

I’ve also had a bit of a woozy dizzy turn every now and then – y’know the feeling (maybe you dont) when you feel that your mind and body are a fraction out of sync. I refer to this situation without the use of mind-altering drugs of course – but you know it’s like I move my head and some time later (or earlier – I cant decide which) my thought-processes make the corresponding move. Anyway, it’s called Time Displacement Wooziness – I know this for a fact because I just made up the term – hope you like it.

I want to ask him where I am on the list. Again I probably wont – because it is not as simple as that – it’s not an exact science.

It does seem as though there are, indeed, more questions than answers – I think Johnny Nash may have had TDW as well – must find out. He’ll probably say he once did, but he can see clearly now.

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