Chopped Liver – Blackberry Way

So today was the day of my appointment with my Liver Consultant (Smiler to those familiar) – and here’s how it went.

I got out my iPhone with my the notes I had made to ask him – you’ll remember “There Are More Questions Than Answers”.

Mmmm.... iPhone

“I never go anywhere without my iPhone to hand” I said.

“Mmmm… not for me” replied Smiler.

“Burlieve Me Doc, these things – and the iPad – they’re going to revolutionise how we use computers. In fact, I hear they are re-evaluating the importance of “sliced bread” given how important and innovative the iPhone is.

Let me give you an example Doc, when you buy a PC these days from PC Solar System or wherever, you are buying a big processor box, a monitor, a keyboard, a mouse and if you want useful software, well that costs extra, and you have to install it yourself and 95% of the functionality you have just paid for you will never use, and the remaining 5% you won’t know how to use and will need training. Not to mention setting up your network and WiFi router yada yada yada and, indeed, yada!

With an iPad, say, or even the iPhone to a lesser extent, there’s none of that. You buy the kit, switch it on and everything is there and usable at the touch of one finger! So yada yada yada to you too!

And if you want to do something with it – simples – just download the App for twopence halfpenny. And if the App doesn’t do what you used to be able to do, then you know what? Live with it. Use the functionality you need, forget the rest, cos you dont really need it – and spend your time and energy doing useful things using the App as the tool it was intended for in the first place.”

“Yes maybe,” replied Smiler. “I know my fellow consultants swear by it, but I’m not going to shift. Anyway, I like a phone that doesn’t lose its battery life every 5 minutes”.

“OK doc, so use a Blackberry”!

Mmmmm.... blackberry

“I do , that’s exactly what I do”.

“Then you can still go on to t’internet and look at my blog. I write about you y’know? I call you Smiler. After that picture of you hanging up in the ward!”

“Ha ha, laughs Smiler. That is such an embarrassing picture. And just not me at all!”

“I know, How did they get a photo of you smiling? It gives just such the wrong impression!”

“I know it does.” “Oh well, go and get your bloods done. Oh and arrange an Ultrasound.” And make an appointment to come and see me in 3 months time.”

“Oh, and one more thing, added Smiler, next time you see, I WILL STILL HAVE MY BLACKBERRY – I WILL RESIST!”

“We’ll see about that doc, it is my mission to transplant you with an iPhone”.

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2 Comments on “Chopped Liver – Blackberry Way”

  1. ken Says:

    Are you on commission?

  2. Hey Steve Jobs. – one of the best iPhone ad ever?

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