Chopped Liver – Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I’m a bit frustrated today. I own the franchise for a business for a local word-of-mouth marketing venture called thebestof. Well, I run the thebestof barnet and thebestof edgware and for months the company and all the franchisees have been building up towards the biggest franchisee conference EVER at the Coventry Hilton.

Simply the best

I had put it out of my mind a while ago that I could attend – I simply couldn’t take the chance of being called when I am 2-3 hours away and reliant on my good buddy Kesh (thebestof Brent, no less) to take me home.

Y’see, there’s no way I would have driven there myself – not a good idea to rush back along a motorway on a Friday afternoon to try to get to a liver in time! Way too stressful.

But then I saw Smiler yesterday – and he said a couple of things. 1) He’s not getting an iPhone… oh alright, he said not to put my life on hold – if there is somewhere I want to go I should go, and then he said something else, which was 2) if they find a match for me it will either be a live liver or a dead liver.

A live liver is one where the donor is being kept alive on a life support machine and so blood is pumping through the liver until such time as they switch off the machine – so that liver could potentially be kept alive for as long as is necessary – ish.

A dead liver is one where the donor has died – maybe a car crash – and so blood is no longer pumping through it – so if its a match, then the surgeons or whoever have to dash out to the deceased, chop out the liver, assess it, bring it back to London (having called me to meet it), assess it again yada yada yada – and so the window of opportunity is considerably less.

So two possible conflicting options from Smiler – I guess I have to decide these things for myself. I felt I could go to the conference – but it was probably my heart talking – as I was up till one in the morning still coughing my guts (that would go down well in front of 500 peeps!), I would have had to get up at 5:30 to meet Kesh for us to go up together and spend a very long and tiring day listening to new and exciting innovations etc – and of course, an outside chance of a liver being found – and we would have to up sticks and get back – or I would have to call for a taxi – whatever – my wife inserted a thought or two of sanity into my head and I stayed put (this was nothing, I repeat absolutely nothing whatsoever, to do with the fact that she had arranged a day in town with her friend today which she would have had to cancel).

So, Kesh is now sending me Tweets with updates of the conference for which I am grateful – and I am home alone wondering if I made the correct call!

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One Comment on “Chopped Liver – Should I Stay or Should I Go?”

  1. aviva Says:

    If you would have gone
    a) conference would have been dead boring
    b) theyd have chucked you out for hacking all over everyone
    c) youd have got a call that a liver was ready and youd either have got stuck in traffic/ crashed/had heart attack/etc
    or (worst of all)
    d)B would have sulked like only she knows how
    hth 🙂

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