Chopped Liver – Without You

It’s the morning after the night before.

Except I didn’t have the night before.

(and truth be told, it’s early evening)

I didn’t go the thebestof national conference and evening ball.

I know it was the right decision.

But here’s a thing.

When you go to something that you’re really not in the right frame of mind, physically or mentally for – very often you regret it – you think to yourself – why have I come? I am shattered. I got up at 5am for the long journey up, then the long day ahead – taking in all the new information, socialising with all the peeps, dealing with my ongoing legendary coughing fits and whatever else I have to deal with, followed by… well there was never any chance I was going to the ball – Cinderella had more chance than me on that one – and then the long journey back and then…z.zz..zzzz…zzzz.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

This is like wot I missed last night, init

Now, when you don’t go – well, this is what you feel. Yesterday, I felt I was missing out – big time! I shoulda been there. Why didn’t I go? I could have got through it. I know I could have. I shoulda been there.

And then today, all the Tweets start pouring in. Twitters tweeting about how brilliant it was. How great it was to catch up with everyone. How brilliant the new innovations are. The pictures of people (who, frankly, should know better) having a ball at the ball. And the direct tweets from the peeps saying they missed me.. and that it wasn’t the same without me.

It’s nice to know I was missed. I know it didn’t miss me as much as I missed it. It’s made me even more determined to work as hard as possible now – pre-transplant – and to get better post-transplant so I don’t miss any more conferences!

And you know the irony? Since last night and all day today I have had a thumping headache – as if I had actually gone to the conference, stayed for the ball and had a bloody good skinful!

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