Chopped Liver – Ma Baker

Aw, you guys are just unsatiable.

First you want to hear the best joke in the world – and I deliver.

Then you want another Baker joke – and I deliver.

And still you want more!

So what can a poor boy do? Answer: Another Baker/Doughnut joke! That’s what.

An old Baker says to his young apprentice… ” Hey, I got a good tip for you – watch this…”

And he takes out his false teeth and he says – “you know those buns you get with the crimply bit round the outside?” With that he presses the teeth round the outside of the bun and proudly exclaims, “See, that’s how to do it!”

“But, haven’t you got a tool for that?”, asks the apprentice.

“Oh, I use that for the doughnuts!!!” guffaws the baker.

mmmm.... yummmmyyy

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One Comment on “Chopped Liver – Ma Baker”

  1. aviva Says:

    well, I smiled but for me that is like lolling

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