Chopped Liver – Don’t Worry About The Government

I was going to talk to you today about “Bigotgate” – as I am sure it will become known – this is the moment (literally) when Labour lost the Election – or I should be more accurate and say when Gordon Brown lost it. Quite why the Labour Party should have gone into this election with such an un-electable figure as GB is beyond me – I mean its not even as if he did anything too wrong today – in fact you could easily argue that he handled the tirade of questions from the “ordinary voter” with no shortage of skill and competence, it’s just that – well, when he screws up – his errors are magnified multi-fold because he is such a figure of caricature.

Anyone can make a slip off-guard, and get away with it, but not GB – he could have sworn, but he didn’t. He could have lost his temper – but he didn’t, he was controlled. But what he did say, was just so missing the whole point – and I’m afraid a GB gaffe creates a hole of crater-like proportions for him to fall into – and fall into it he did.

Was it his fault that he fulfilled his commitment for his live BBC radio interview shortly afterwards and had cameras fixed on his face? Not really, but cheesy peeps – the look on that face! Gaunt, ragged, UGLY – I say ugly, and it is important. Can he help looking ugly?

He is in the middle of an election campaign he has little chance of winning – his career is on the line – he has just had a difficult confrontation with an ordinary voter asking reasonable questions – but then he gets hit with the classic – “we’ve just got the tape here” scenario – OMG… cameras still rolling – looking like shit – another live TV debate tomorrow – just want to get this whole thing over with so I can go home and curl up in bed…. now, you’re starting to feel sorry for him a bit, aren’t you????

And, that my friends, is his only saving grace – the sympathy vote!

And could we possibly elect a Prime Minister simply because we feel sorry for him?

Surely not. So, it’s official – today is the day the election became a 2-horse race. Take your pick between Cameron or Glugg.

Personally, if I cared that much, I’d rather someone in the Labour Party had had the balls to put up a new leader – Milliband for example would have had more of an equal footing on the electable stakes that GB – if you ask me.

But, as I have always said – It don’t matter who you vote for – the government always gets in!”

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2 Comments on “Chopped Liver – Don’t Worry About The Government”

  1. You should be a political commentator – this was a good read!!

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