Chopped Liver – Pat-a-Cake

Just when you thought it was safe – another Baker joke arrives to brighten up your day.

So this guy goes into a Baker’s and says “‘Scuse me Mr. Baker, I need a cake made urgently”!

“I’m sorry says the Baker. But we’re closed. All the bakers have gone home, I have just reconciled the till, cleaned the machine, the work surfaces and washed the floor. Can you come back Monday?”

“What, Oh NO, This is an emergency”, cried the guy. “You’ve got to help me. Please Please Please, I beg of you.”

“Well”, says the baker. “It’ll take me a good hour or so”.

“No, No, No. I need it in no more than 45 minutes”, shouts the guy with increasing exasperation.

“Ah, well, em… ok, let’s see what I can do for you. What kind of cake do you want?, asks the baker.

“It needs to be rectangular.” He pulls out a piece of paper and scrutinizes it. “Exactly 11 and a half inches long and 8 and a quarter inches wide. It has to be 3-layered topped with light blue icing and a big red “B” in italics in the dead centre”, says the guy.

“Mmmm… ok”, says the baker. “but to get it done in only 45 minutes I’ll need to use pre-made dough, not fresh. It won’t taste as good.”

“Don’t worry about that. Just please get started”, says the Guy.

So the baker works as fast as he possibly can and produces a cake in just under the 45 minutes. He comes out sweating profusely. “This ok?” he asks.

“Oh No”, replied the guy with his head in his hands. “The shade of red you have used on the “B” is too dark. It needs to be more of a pinky red! Oh, what can I do now?” despairs the guy.

“Calm down!”, says the baker. “I’ll re-ice it for you – only take me a few minutes. Wait there.”

Three minutes later the baker comes out again. “This better?”

“Ok, this is good. Can I pay you now?”

Of course says the relieved baker. Now the boxes we have come in all shapes, sizes and colours, would you like to choose one?”

“Oh, that wont be necessary”, answers the guy. “I’ll eat it here!”

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