Chopped Liver – East End Girls

When I was a student – many many many years ago – we did student-type things. You know the things that students get up to – Sex and Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll… and Corrie.

Corrie, for those of you who are non-dom in the UK is a long established soap opera set in Manchester that over the past 40 years or so has managed, regardless of script writer, Director or Producer to be filled with memorable characters, hilarious story lines, classic scenes and killer one-liners.

Eastenders, on the other hand, which came along some 20 years or so later as a kind of southern cockney-London version of the same – but without the humour.

I know this, not because I have watched it but because, how shall we say, others in the house watch it (and I dont mean Weedy!), and whenever it comes on it is exactly the same – or seems so.

There are these three women who are remnants of the dinosaur age, who shout at each other all the time. One of them used to be a classic pint-sized, big-busted, blonde, English comedy-film star who shouts “Get outta my pub!” all the time.

Another of them is is a classic barrel-sized, barrel-chested blonde matron who is constantly on the receiving end of the “Get outta my pub!” command. (Why she bothers coming back is a mystery – personally I’d have found another pub that appreciated my custom a bit more).

And then there’s the village gossip, who looked like a fossil when the program first aired 275 years ago and hasn’t aged a bit since. I don’t believe there has ever been a storyline centred around her, but they haven’t the heart to write her out – or perhaps they have forgotten she is still in it.

And yet millions watch it.

And I don’t understand why.

But, as I write this posting, it is on in the background – and I really really want to get outta this room before the cry of “Get outta my pub!” fills the air.

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