Chopped Liver – Poll-ice and Thieves

I have just landed on earth and am wondering what exactly is going on – there seems to be an air of uncertainty.

A man with a blue tie mentioned that there were too many Poles.

That same man got very excited about a new Poll.

Or a poll of polls, was it?

National newspapers are proudly proclaiming some slimy toad as our saviour – just who will be taken in by that?

And what’s more, I hear they are not making lamp-poles any longer – no, they are long enough as it is.

As for me – I am getting cross.

And I am going to put it against a name on a ballot paper.

Somebody suggested to me yesterday that I need a new liver – but one without the crap-joke gene. I am starting to agree – this one is well past is use-by date.

When I was about 8 tears old living in Glasgow, I told my first ever joke – “A little boy was running down the road singing “Lemonade, Lemonade” – what was he?

“A Pop Singer”.

I stole that from Tony Blackburn. It’s time to hand it back.

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One Comment on “Chopped Liver – Poll-ice and Thieves”

  1. Thornton Says:

    Almost as bad as ‘How do you make a swiss Roll?’
    Answer : ‘Push him down the hill!’

    Missed you at the club last night but check out the blog! – 🙂

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