Chopped Liver – Voulez-vous coucher avec Gord?

The waiting is finally over. The votes have been cast. And counted. And I can now reveal that the result is EXACTLY as I predicted – except that the Conservatives won.

All right I stole that line from the classic Monty Python sketch – what a gem of a sketch that is – seriously, if you have not heard it – seek it out – even Monty Python non-believers with raise a smile or two. I actually remember receiving it as a 7-inch flexi disc when it first came out back in – I dunno, around 1974-ish. It was so flimsy you were scared to put it on the gramophone (for over 60’s) / record player (for over 50’s) / turntable (over 40’s) / the what? (for everyone else). Must be worth at least 50p these days.

But the debate now is all about who is going to bed with whom. Obviously (and perhaps, thankfully) it has to be Clogg who slips in first – and it is just the question of who would he like to share that bed with – Brown or Cameron?

You can sleep on the damp patch tonight, Gord.

So, there you have it – Mr. Clogg. The good news is that you hold the balance of power. The bad news is… well, it doesn’t bear thinking about, does it?

As for the “couldn’t be bothereds” in my constituency – the seat was won by the blue man with a majority of – 106. So I don’t want to hear any of you lot complaining about anything over the next 5 years – slimeballs.

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