Chopped Liver – Tears Of A Clown

Two cannibals eating a clown.

One says to the other “Does this taste funny to you?”

Every so often I get a hankering for Tommy Cooper one-liners. The economy of humour I call it.

I once heard a story of someone who went to see Tommy live (that is “live” as in on stage in a theatre – and not the opposite of “dead” – which, if you know the history of the man you’ll know that some people did really watch him … eh, “dead”).

Anyway, the story I heard was – a full auditorium, the curtain raises to an empty stage. After a couple of mnutes, from the back, on saunters the great man – and the auditorium resonates from a ripple of sniggering to an increasing crescendo of uncontrollable laughter and guffaws.

Tommy walks slowly towards the front and it is clear that he has added an appendage to his appearance – an enormous left ear!

He stands motionless at the front – bathed in the hysterical laughter of an audience all too familiar with the total buffoonary of the man – and then finally puts one hand to his false ear and utters…


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