Chopped Liver – Wherever I Lay My Cross, That’s my Home

Ever get the feeling you’ve been con-ned?

We had to endure the weeks of anticipation leading up to the Live TV Election debates where we witnessed the three stooges standing in close enough proximity to each other as to be within spitting distance – and we got the distinct feeling that that was exactly what they wanted to do to each other.

Three suppsoedly intelligent men standing firm for what they believed in and decrying each other’s equally firmly-held views.

Now we have the possibility – make that probability – of two of the parties running the country together. And if they cannot agree, then the Prime Minister will go cap in hand to see if anyone will even talk to him.

How can this be?

Let’s just suppose (and this bit is hard for me), that you put your “X” next to the Tory party delegate’s name on the ballot paper. What you were effectively saying was – I endorse the Conservative stand on things and reject Labour’s and the LibDem’s.

Now, here we are, just a few days on – and all of these people are finding that they have inadvertantly voted for some semblance of the LibDem’s policy into power.

Which aspects of the LibDem’s manifesto have the Tory voters chosen? Who Knows? Do these voters support this concept? Who Cares?

The fact of the matter is, that by specifically not voting LibDem at the General Election, they have ended up electing to power that very party – but in a far stronger position than they could ever have dreamt of!

This is now officially a Con-Dem-Nation.

And all the while, the current leader of the country, is hiding away in the Prime Ministerial abode, unable to to show his face in public for fear of being laughed at by the right-wing media. The unelected, unelectable, disposable, undisposed, unruly, unable to rule ruler.

Let’s have a re-election – with more Live TV debates – what a hoot they would be. I will be so sorry when all these fun and games cease.

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