Chopped Liver – Walls Come Tumbling Down

A couple of footnotes to recent developments.

Apart from the obvious, “How can 5 politicians who did so poorly in the election end up in the Cabinet?”, we’ll leave that one hanging – ‘cos it’s happened and that’s that.

Or should that be that? Y’see, what I don’t get is how the Lib Dems have always stood for Proportional Representation – what they see as a fairer system – presumably because it is their firmly held belief that the current system is unfair, yet how can they possibly justify running the country with so little support from the electorate? If David Cameron were to be run over by the proverbial bus tomorrow (and please, I would not wish it on him, proverbial or otherwise), then Nick Glugg would be ruinning running the country.

Does he have the mandate? Did the country vote for that? Or is the country (and my readers) simply all electioned-out and bored by the whole thing – after all the World Cup is around the corner – so let’s get down to the serious business of what we really care about.

And for those who who don’t care about the World Cup – there’s always endless stories and pictures of the WAGS – and don’t pretend you’re not interested in that! Because you are!

The second point I want to make about the issue (that we are all getting bored with) is this:- If… make that, When the coalition fails due to the disparity of views within, and the government loses a vote on a key piece of legislation, and they subsequently fail to survive the inevitable vote of no-confidence – where does that leave us?

I’ll tell you where. It leave the Tories and the LIB Dems unable to continue their coalition. So they have to call a new General Election, and this time, Labour, with an electable leader can simply stand up and say well, people – look at the mess these TWO have made – they are clearly unfit to govern – you have no choice left but to vote for NEW LABOUR II – The Sequel.

Let’s see them wriggle out of that one in the next series of Live TV Debates -can’t wait!

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One Comment on “Chopped Liver – Walls Come Tumbling Down”

  1. Eachway Says:

    Is anyone else starting to get nostaligic for the baker jokes? Never thought it would happen?

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