Chopped Liver – #iPhone, youPhone, mePhone

Today’s post is short and simple – but very very sweet.

You will love me for this.

You know how it’s hard to find anything negative to say about the iPhone – battery life sure, the keypad maybe – and then you’re scratching your head and realising that the enormity of the positives far outweighs the negatives anyway – so what the heck, just get on and use the thing.

But there is one other annoying little “feature” than niggles away – just a little – until you get over it, and that is – when you are scrolling down a body of text – maybe a news article on a website for example, or even your list of emails – and you want to get back to the top of the article/list – how do you do it?

hmmmm... donut

Well, until I tell you how, up to now you have had to learn how to quickly scroll up and up and up until you reach the top. But no more – all you have to do is one touch on the horizontal bar at the top of the screen (the one with network bars and the time on it) and hey presto, it scrolls up for you.

Now that…. is Magic.

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