Chopped Liver – Hippy Hippy Shake

Innovation, resourcefullness and a positiive attitude – allied to a not insignificant sum of money – are usually the ingredients when you start your own business.

You have to recognise a gap in the market, and seize the initiative.

Now, when the government passed a lway a couple of years ago requiring all house sales to provide a HIP report, most people thought this was an unworkable waste of time and money. 2 or 3 hundred pounds added to your cost of selling a property whether you sold it or not – and no infrastructure or guidelines in place to meet this requirement.

The intention of the HIP (Home Information Pack) was to provide the buyer with information on the safety and economy of the property – but in reality, added up to no more than another tax on property.

Unless you decided to start your own business and offer HIPs as a service. Which is what hundreds, nay thousands, of people did around the country. In truth, it was a pretty thankless task, a lot of hard work for not a lot of return – not least because it coincided with a sharp decline in properties on the market. So, lots of people invested in this new business opportunity, and trolled the street trying to establish relationships with estate agents and the like, each one being undercut by the next – it really was not the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

And now it is about to be announced that the new goverment is going to abolish it – no bad thing for the property seller – but what about those poor new businesspeople, trying to make a crust in these difficult times and now the commodity they are selling has been rendered obsolete in a flash?

Time to think of the next great opportunity – that’s what.

So, to add to innovation, resourcefulness, a positive attitude and a lot of cash, I would include a large amount of due diligience and no shortage of good fortune.

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