Chopped Liver – No Regrets

Always liked me music me. Always devoured the NME. Early favourite bands were Roxy Music – Stranded album, progressed to Genesis – Musical Box box for starters then onto the “The Lamb” as fans call it.

Then onto Dylan, and the Floyd – all that stuff – and of course, courtesy of the master who must be obeyed – John Peel – Ramones, The Stranglers – and, I hasten to add, before Peel had played them once and subsequently made them his all time favourite band, The Fall.

More of them another time. For now, back to The Lamb.

Me and me mate sitting next to each other at school in Glasgow – O Level year (15 yrs old). Genesis announce UK tour to promote The Lamb. I say UK Tour – HA! their idea of Scotland was one date in Edinburgh – ratbags. And it was the night before one of said O Level exams. Me and me mate (I have no idea at all why I am assuming Manc accent when I say that particular phrase) discussed the possibility of going. The conversation went like this:-


Him – “We can’t miss it. We’ve go to go.”
Me – “I we… I um.. won’t.. um.. be .. eh.. allowed”
Him – “Me neither – but NO WAY am I missing this – It’s THE LAMB!!!!!!”
Me – “Yeh, I know – look – there’ll be others – I’ll go next year!”

He went. I didn’t. He got home at about 3 in the morning – radical for a 15 yr old. I was in awe. He said it was the best gig EVER. You shoulda been there etc etc

Now, I try to be philosophical about life. No Regrets.

Not even, when, shortly after the gig, Gabriel quits Genesis. I am devastated. As devastated about a musical event as I have ever been – then and now. One thing was for sure – I would not be going to “The Lamb” next year.

And for many years, I have, in truth, maintained an element of regret about that time.

Then, 30 years later. That’s “Thirty” confirmed the teleprinter when an unusual score is flashed up and needs confirming. Long after I have spent my time listening to The Lamb, a Genesis tribute band announces a one-off gig at the Astoria – playing The Lamb in its entirety.

I said to my mate – we gotta go, we gotta go. But he had never heard of The Lamb. So I had to go through the whole saga with him – and to be honest, out of sheer sympathy, he tagged along with me to help me exorcise one of the main regrets of my life.

We get to the door of the Astoria at 7pm – it’s all a bit quiet-ish – we are early after all – wouldn’t want to miss any of this. I ask the doorman what time the band is on. “eh, ’bout 9 I think” he says.

Great – time for a curry before the big event. So we saunter to a local curry house, relax over the grub, and make our way back to the Astoria for 8:45 – and I am conscious of some familiar tones coming from… well, sounds like they’re coming from inside the auditorium.

So, in we go and sure enough – the band are in the middle of playing “The Chamber of 32 Doors” – the track AFTER Carpet Crawl (the best thing they ever did) and we I (my mate couldn’t give a flying one) had missed the whole of the first half of the show. I was so gutted, I couldn’t even enjoy what we saw now anyway – being as it was we were stuck up in the back of the top tier now anyway.

And so there you have it – the moral of the story is – have NO REGRETS – no it isn’t – it is that David Kallin is never ever destined to see The Lamb in concert in his lifetime!

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2 Comments on “Chopped Liver – No Regrets”

  1. Ken Says:

    As the “mate” (number two that is, not number one) I can testify that the concert was the most mystifying musical experience of my life. I never want to see a man dressed as a tree again.

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