Chopped Liver – Too Old To Rock Too Young To Die

It’s one of those rare evenings. I am at home – laptop on my knee, and B is at home without work to do (she works in the office most evenings).

B made us dinner – was meant to be a casserole but was later rebranded as “soup”. Then she said – well what shall we watch on the telly tonight dear? I’ll give you a choice of two. There’s Rosemary and Thyme or some programme about buildings that used to be used as mental institutions.

And all i wanted to watch was Charlton Ath v Swindon Town in the Div 1 playoff 2nd leg.

Now, who is more sad?

I nearly asked you who won out in the end – but that is a given! Besides, I have to collect a lot of points in time for the World Cup.

(Now, if only she had put some Rosemary an’ bleedin’ Thyme in the dinner!)

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