Chopped #Liver – Shaddup You Face

It’s always bothered me that the NHS gets slagged off so much. For me, they do a fine job – the doctors are great, the nurses bend over backwards for you (if you’re lucky!), the cleaning staff, the tea ladies etc etc – they always seem to do a great job whenever I have seen them.

But y’know sometimes they don’t get it right – and this is one of those times. There may, indeed, be a good reason for this but I sure as hell can’t see it.

My dad has been in hospital for a number of weeks now. He is 84. He broke his leg in a fall, and since he has been in hospital his health has been under close scrutiny. He has had suspected ulcers, irregular heart beats, dangerously high pulse rate and most recently, pneumonia.

All have been disproven so far, but that’s by the by. My mum, who is almost 80, and is herself recovering from knee surgery and so has limited mobility, is so stressed out over my dad’s situation that she tries to phone his ward for an update to his condition. Not too often, just once a day.

Last night he underwent tests for pneumonia. This morning she has tried calling the ward for the results to be told…

Due to patient confidentiality, we are not able to give out this information, you have to come in, in person.

Can you believe this? She was finally told that the tests were ok – so there is no need to come in. What jobsworth decides on this course of action? Where is the common sense in all this?

NHS – I will continue to defend you – but you have gone down a few notches in my estimation following this episode.

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