Goodbye Dad

It’s not every day you bury your father – but it was today.

I had to take my Mum and follow the hearse from the mortuary to the cemetery. It’s about a twenty minute journey. It is such a strange feeling having to go through the mundane activity of driving safely whilst staring straight at the box carrying your dad to his final resting place.

The coffin is wheeled out and placed on a kind of carriage and after some prayers and eulogies we follow it slowly to the grave site.

There are some more ceremonial procedures including shovelling earth three times and reciting of the Kadish prayer. I am not much of a shul-goer but I found I knew it off by heart.

And in a very short time we are receiving the traditional greeting from the guests and that’s it – it’s all over.

Tears from some. Restraint from others. Kind words from all.

Goodbye Dad. You made your mark. People who knew you were touched by you. You were a good dad. A devoted husband. And a great fun grandpa to 4 kids.

May you enjoy your rest in peace.

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5 Comments on “Goodbye Dad”

  1. aviva Says:

    Thinking of you and so very sorry for your loss. xxxx

  2. Prashant Bhovan Says:


    Sorry to hear of your loss. Hope the family are bearing up at this difficult time.



  3. Ken Says:

    Dave, so sorry to hear about your dad. I know this is a difficult time. And I know it’s a time when family and good friends are very important. Just want you to know that I’m here for you – just as you were there for me when I lost my mum. And yes, there probably will be a pack of cards involved.

    Love to Jenny and Danny


  4. Laurel Says:

    Thinking of you all at this difficult time

  5. Belinda Says:

    David, I was so sorry to hear about your dad. He was such a lovely man. Whenever I met him, he was full of beans and always took the time to find out what was happening in our lives. He will be missed. Let us know if we can do anything. Lots of love B, J & K xxxx

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