Chopped Liver – It’s a… It’s a… It’s a syn

We all went to shul (synagogue) this morning. Coincidentally it was the same Sedra as my Barmitzvah (which my dad taught me).
Actually there have been a few coincidences – aren’t there always? My dad was an optician. On the day of his funeral my brother’s glasses broke. He had to rush to the first optician he could find and guess what – the guy used to work for my dad and was delighted to be able to help on such a day.

I must sidetrack further to relay a classic story – amazing as it is true. About 30 years ago a local optician near my dad’s shop at the top of Penny Lane in Liverpool closed down and my dad took over all the patients’ records. He would throw out any that were five years old or more.

One such record that bit the dust was a child’s one from a certain john Lennon – well he won’t need that anymore thought my dad and into waste it went!

Now where was I? Oh yes shul. My brother and I had performed the traditional Kadish prayer at the cemetery in exemplorary unison.

Synchronised Kadish.

But in shul we were informed we had to do the “tongue-twister” Kadish. We were not prepared for this. It included an extra paragraph that was filled long and difficult Hebrew words that had to be recited swiftly and correctly enough so as not to embarrass ourselves in front of the congregation.

Un-Synchronised phonetics!

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