Chopped Liver – Fear Is a Man’s Best Friend

There were, of course, many poignant moments during the 5 days I was in Liverpool for Dad’s funeral and subsequent ceremonies. But, I have to admit that among the most telling for me – the ones that hit home the most – were my own personal thoughts about my own future.

I make no apologies for that. I simply state the facts as I see them… or feel them. I could relate to Dad’s passing as it was an event that had happened and could be rationalised in terms of his age, health and perceived life expectancy. How we dealt with it in the days thereafter was dictated by the necessity of routine procedure and adherence to religious protocol.

What I found harder to rationalise and accept were the many heartfelt good wishes and expressions of concern for my own impending situation.

People would hold my hand firmly, look into my eyes, and say, with the warmest of hearts – “I hope you get your new liver soon!”

I lost count the number of times this happened – and for the first time perhaps since I was told I needed the op, I felt a trembling. I felt uneasy. I felt… fear.

But, you know, many years ago a good friend of mine, Simon (I hope he’s reading this) once said to me – I have a book I want you to read – but I know you wont read it – so I am going to get it for you and send it to you. It will change your life.

And he was right – on many levels. He did send it to me. And I didn’t read it. And it did change my life.

I found the content of the book not to my taste. But I found the title – Inspiring. It was called Feel The Fear – And Do It Anyway!

And I have listened to those words many times over whenever I am in a situation of personal fear – and told myself – Do not be afraid of Fear itself. Fear is a man’s best friend (John Cale) – embrace it – understand it – deal with the emotion – and Do It Anyway.

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