Chopped Liver – Plug One

Question: What can you buy in a basic hardware store?
Answer: A Cheap Plug.

Question: What do you call it when a small bird whispers in your ear?
Answer: A Cheep Lug.

Question: What is another name for this Blog Post?
Answer: A Cheap Plug.

If you want to learn how social media – and specifically Tweet Tweet Twitter – can enhance your business and if you want to meet me – then see below and let me know in advance.

If you know me already and have seen me recently, then come along and I’ll introduce you to peeps.

If you know me and haven’t seen me for a while, then come along and we can catch up – and I’ll introduce you to peeps.

If you only know of me through this blog and would like to meet me in person – then, to avoid disappointment, don’t come… no no hang on come anyway and meet me.

If you have no interest in meeting me but would like to know about Twitter, then come along.

    Build your Brand, your Reputation and Get more business with Social Media!

Why use twitter to significantly increase your profits?
Why is Twitter is essential for Business?

What is Twitter?
Examples of Companies using Twitter effectively
Twitter for Business
Brand your Twitter Pages
How to find Your and Your Business’s Tweeting Style

How you can utilise these tools to build your brand, your reputation, and get more business.

SPECIAL GUEST -The Worshipful the Mayor of the London Borough of Barnet

GUEST SPEAKER – The Most Connected Man in NW London – Kesh Morjaria

• Full Event £10.00 – – 8pm – includes beautiful buffet from Val’s Catering Service

Date: 9th June 2010
Time: 6.00pm
Where: Mill Hill Garden Centre – Daws Lane, Mill Hill – London – NW7 4SL
How long?: to make the most of meeting other business people – allow to stay until 8.00pm
What to wear?: your choice, business or casual but smart
A Small Fee: £10 per person
Freebie: parking & and Val’s mouth-watering, freshly cooked food!
Opportunity: unlimited
Do not forget: your Business-Cards and lots of them!
100% Risk Free: after the meeting/workshop, if you feel you have not benefited in any way whatsoever – let me know and I will refund your fee fully!

End of cheap plug.

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