Chopped Liver – Prove It

Ok – let me say up front that I apologise for yesterday’s post – which was nothing more than abuse of my position – a flagrant advertisement for an unmissable business networking event in Mill Hill on 9th June with a fantastic presentation on how to use Twitter to increase your business – oh and beautifully catered by Val’s Catering (click here for details) – as I say, I apologise for flagrantly advertising that event and wouldn’t even dream of doing it again.

Now a few weeks ago I got a Jury Service notification in the post. It’s a shame – I like Jury Service – done it before. I remember I had one case where somebody was caught on CCTV doing something he shouldn’t have. The prosecuting barrister stood up to present his case and said simply this… “Your Honour, Members of the Jury, My role in this case is solely one of videotape operator. I will press PLAY, you will see what unfolds, and you will submit a verdict of Guilty”.

Classic. He was right too.

There was another case of a man who was being done for removing items from an abandoned car. I thought, what a waste of time and money this is. What I didn’t know until afterwards was that it was he who had stolen and abandoned the said car – to return later and eh… remove its parts! Another gem.

So, anyway I wrote to the HM Courts peeps explaining my situation – cant do because waiting for liver… then having the op… then convalescing yada yada. And today I get another letter from them with the new deferred date – this September! Yeh, likely.

So now I have had to write back and ask to be excused completely. Unless they want to hold the trial in the hospital ward!

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