Chopped Liver – Hammering The Cramps

Yes that is a song title. It’s from the wonderful band Sparklehorse and their first album titled Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot – yes that is an album title. Let me take this opportunity to express my sadness at the recent bloody suicide by lead man Mark Linkous – his was no cry for help, that’s for sure – it was quick, bloody and final.

On to the reason for the title. I sometimes get leg cramps that wake me up in the middle of the night with excruciating pain. Haven’t had them for a while – but last night and today they were back with a vengeance.
I looked up the condition and any possible connection with liver disease on t’interweb and found many links. There are indeed many instances of people with chronic liver disease getting severe leg cramps.

Problem is they all assume the cramp I get is like the one the footballer’s get – where your calf muscle seizes up and you have to stretch the leg to relieve the pain and relax the muscle.

Gratuitous sexy picture of legs

I would far prefer that type – the one I get is the opposite – it’s at the front of the leg where the shin (or shins – sometimes both legs at once) seizes and the foot is locked pointing up towards the … sort of… shin-ish – actually it really is indescribable. It lasts about half an hour till it starts to relax – and I am fixed in the position I start off with throughout the ordeal – which can get very uncomfortable.

Look, I am not really a hypochondriac – I am not writing this stuff for pity – but you have to remember this is a blog about my health on a daily basis, and all these things are relevant. So I make no excuses. I write matter of fact.

However what has happened today is – I had a bath, to relax my muscles from last night – and guess what? I got the bleedin’ cramps again! In the bath! And there I had to lay, completely still, as the water got colder, my elbows pressed painfully against the bottom of the enamel floor of the bath.

And you know what? It’s been threatening to happen again all day! Even as I write this post, it’s getting ready to seize up again. I am genuinely scared to go to bed tonight.

Now I want pity!!!

Ho Hum – I can’t believe I am writing to the world, to friends, family, work colleagues, aquaintances etc that I get leg cramps – surely there is only one thing worse than writing about this stuff… and that is reading this stuff!

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3 Comments on “Chopped Liver – Hammering The Cramps”

  1. Fiona Says:

    leg cramps – I get /GOT – excruciating leg cramps too…. those ‘can;t move if I get them in the bath or in bed’ ones… when I first got them I would try to stand up and I fainted – twice – very spectacularly. Anyway, a friend did a food allergy test with me and it turns out that I am allergic to eggs, spinach, mangoes and pineapple, and they give me cramps, and since I cut them out, I don’t get cramps! I think I am also allergic to one more thing cos just occasionally I still get them, but only about twice a year, and usually I find that one of those four things was in some food that I hadn’t expected them in. It’s apparently some sort of acid that is in all those things. I haven’t found much reference to food induced cramps on the web but it is DEFINITELY what causes it with me. Good luck! (a good cure is to have calcium/magnesium tablets by the bed and take one when they come on, and wait…or, take one every night.)

  2. Fiona Says:

    I found that it was the food, cos I had cut out eggs for about 6 months, and then noticed that I hadn’t been having cramps….and then had some meringues (as per is it a donut or a meringue) at a friend’s house in Glasgow and got awful cramps in her sitting room, stood up, and fainted onto a sharp cupboard and bled all over her white carpet. And yes yokes does it too.

    • davidkallin Says:

      Hmmm… intrussin’ – tho’ let me look at each one in turn: mangoes – hate ’em; spinach – yuk; pineapple – love ’em but haven;t had ’em for ages; eggs – aw c’mon – everything’s got eggs – even…. I say with the utmost trepidation… meringues – how dare you come on my blog and tell me meringues are bad for me – it’s a treasonable offence! By the way, I take Calcium tablets every night!

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