Chopped Liver – Close To Me

For completeness I am posting this post – I have just found it in Draft – it should have been published – I blame my iPhone – it blames me. Is it better late than never?

A day filled with more official meetings. Taking my mum to the bank to change joint accounts to single ones. Handing in debit and credit cards for shredding. Generally removing traces of my father’s existence layer by layer.

My mum’s been very strong. She is either in denial or had been expecting this day. Tomorrow will be a whole other matter.

More and more family members are descending on this little flat this evening – all people who are close to me. Except B and Weedy.

Weedy is too young. B has one of her frequent heavy heavy streaming colds – she probably would have come up on her own but no way now. Weedy is just that bit too young. There is no need for him to be here. He is though asking some very poignant questions so he seems to be fully understanding of the situation. He adored his Grandpa.

Tomorrow we have to deliver certain items to the place where they prepare the body for burial. We are in the middle of the Pentecost holiday known as Shavuot so all Jewish buildings and processes are shut down till the morning when the wheels will gather swift momentum.

The good thing about communities is that they rally round at times like these and everyone has and knows their place and, to some extent, the people closest to the event are oblivious to the hive of activity that is working on their behalf.

Tomorrow I bury my father.

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