Chopped Liver – Fight For Your Right To Paaaarty!

I’m shattered.

If I fall asleep as I write this, last one please close my laptop and switch off the lights.

Had a v busy weekend. Went to my brother’s Saturday night to go through all my dad’s papers till midnight. PAAAARRRTTTYYYYY!!!!!!!!

Went to a gethering last night – no, actually it was a party – but I didn’t want to call it a party as such in case you judged me – as in you shouldn’t be going to parties so soon after blah blah blah.

Look, I didn’t boogie. I talked. And ate BBQ stuff. Actually it was the best tasting BBQ stuff I can remember – top notch – especially the skewer things that looked like jobbies – they were ace.

If only they came out as formed as they went in I’d be a happy man.

I talked to this guy – nice guy – about Social Media – y’know Twitter type stuff. He hates it all. Doesn’t even believe in TEXTING! I told him Twitter was probably not for you – not to worry about it.


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