Chopped Liver – The Tidy Is High

My father had many talents. He was a brilliant operatic singer (so I am told – I wouldn’t know one if it hit me in the face), a brilliant amateur actor and director (seen by me at first hand), an amazing poet, story teller, punster, wit, scholar and many other talents too numerous to mention – but if I am allowed to pass judgement on someone so recently departed, he had one main foible – that was his own sense of, for want of a better word, bashfulness – he was simply too proud and unassuming to accept praise where praise was due – instead he would deny it – or, as I have just recently found out – not even mention it all.

I have come home with boxes of his and my mum’s files to sort out. Financial documents, personal documents, marriage certificates going back generations – however there is no sorting out to do – everything is sorted. And in the most meticulous manner possible.

Spreadsheets which preceeded the term spreadsheets – but completed in the finest detail by hand – and updated in full year on year. Everything in its place – clearly marked and up to date – even following their house move only a few months ago when in failing health, eyesight and advancing years.

Everything completed for both himself and my mum and in clearly marked files. And what is so incredible about this – is that neither myself nor my brother even knew he had this trait – this gift. He certainly did not pass it on to either of us, that’s for sure – B will vouch for that I can tell you.

You know sometimes you can be so close to someone, perhaps too close to someone, to really appreciate them. I hope it’s not going to be the case, but I suspect it may be, that as time passes, I will appreciate my father’s manifold positive attributes more and more – and start to regret that I hadn’t appreciated them in his lifetime.

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