Chopped Liver – Shut Your Mouth



Jeeeeeezzzzz – the pain!!!! The Bloooooddddddd!!!!!!!!!!

Can’t Eat, Can’t Drink, Can’t ope…..

Hang on a minute – yes I can.

Y’see the thing is – I still have the teeth. Smiler bites back!!!

No, not me stoopid. Smiler – you remember from the early days Posts – my liver consultant. He say NO!

He say, my platelet count too low. Too risky. Need a platelet transfusion prior to the teeth extraction.

So, no can do. Not today anyway. ‘Course nobody bothered to tell the patient. The patient who has prepared himself mentally and physically for this day – cancelled meetings, social evenings etc – nah, no point telling him!

But one thing was for sure. With the Barnet Gen hospital in possession of THAT letter from Smiler, they could not proceed.

Now, that is what I call a RESULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone for Pizza?

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One Comment on “Chopped Liver – Shut Your Mouth”

  1. Andrea RAppoport Says:

    So, does this mean you will be coming to the networking event tonight at Mill Hill Gdn Centre?
    If so, looking forward to seeing you and catching up.

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